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We like Angular for many reasons.  First and foremost, is that Angular is a complete framework with sophisticated capabilities.  While Angular is strongly opinionated in nature, this enables us to be consistent in our project structure and techniques.  This assists us in being efficient and responsive to our client requirements.

While we do have experience with other modern frameworks, like React and Vue,  and do value and appreciate the differences, we keep coming back to Angular.

We've just implemented a few UI framework called VItem


Our team has many years of experience with C#/WPF.  While WPF, Windows Presentation Foundation, has never really caught on, the technology is most appropriate for applications that require a high level of visual appeal and/or visualization.


We are diverse in this area.  We've done NativeScript with Angular, Unity/XCode for AR (Augmented Reality), and Swift for IOS.  While we do lean into NativeScript/Angular, we always seek to use the most appropriate technology that meets our client requirements at reasonable price points.


Platforms refers to the deployment and management of the operating systems that our applications run on.  We've done a number of Kiosk Applications.  For this type of application the platform is tightly managed to ensure reliability in the field.   We have a client for which we design and produce deployment images for ~4500 locations in North America.  For this deployment, the image is a mix of Windows 7 and Windows 10 platforms.  


Our Mission

OldProgrammer builds products and solutions by creating a haven for talented
engineers to be at their creative best. We seek to minimize organizational and technical friction. At Old Programmer, we build things for great clients.

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