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About Us

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When did this all start

I "the Old Programmer" entered professional programming as an intern and then continuing as an employee at Martin Marietta.  With many stops along the way, in many industries. Mostly corporate, some entrepreneurial.  At this point, it's 36 years in the business with my first love and always love, software development.


A consultancy is born.

Through exemplary work and good relationships I was assisted into becoming a professional services organization.  I had a lot of help along the way but the relationship was mutual.  As a vendor, I was able to deliver product and support at a value oriented price point.  


a side hustle

After a series of life changing events in 2014 and recognizing that I was seriously stale technologically and emotionally, i knew I needed to re-invent and re-invigorate myself.  I started building a website using youtube content to develop new skills.  I found that those things that got me into software in the first place were still alive and looking to burst out.  Even though my steady course of mostly corporate jobs had crushed my spirit.


the present

We've had three really good years as a professional services organization. We've grown and continue to build and support nationwide products.

We are ready to grow more as we look for new opportunities as we expand into new domains and look to create our own opportunities.  We are looking to invest and ourselves and others.


Our Values

We value positive relationships, respect, and empathy for others.  We feel any growth or success is a shared endeavor. We find joy in our work.


Diversity & Inclusion

We seek to value and appreciate the uniqueness that make you, you and want to build strong teams through transparency and open sharing of ideas.  We want everyone to feel welcome and to bring their unique skills and talents to the team.  This can be our own consultants but also includes are customers and project team participants.



We are strong technology enthusiasts and are always on top of the latest technologies and problem solving techniques.


Create & Change

Our technology and techniques are constantly changing.  We seek to provide the best solutions.

what we


partners &