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Experience helps to build provide solutions efficiently and effectively.

At, we build things. When there’s a problem to be solved, we harness the knowledge of seasoned programmers and combine it with the enthusiasm and ideas of youthful engineers.

Our approach to work is simple. It’s about alignment without all the red tape. We attract and employ seasoned programmers, young developers in need of practical experience, and software engineers with full-time jobs who just want to play with the newest technologies for a few hours a week.

We want to attract the people who get it; the ones who need flexibility. It means:

Building Effective teams

  • A blend of part-time and full-time workers provides diversity

  • Time and expertise are optimized

  • A drive towards consistency with a clear commitment to “how”

Remote and Onsite work

  • Ability to place people on site with clients in the greater NYC area.

  • Opportunity to work remotely, from anywhere in the world