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We must remain vigilant and maintain a sense of urgency. Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame was right on the money when he wrote this in his annual letter to shareholders 20 years ago. We believe it still rings true today.

“Vigilance keeps us alert to upcoming challenges and obstacles, so they are addressed early on. It helps us identify where new technology can solve a problem or create different ones. This results in opportunities, the ability to avoid or take measured risks, or something else altogether.”

As Solutions Architects, we lead complex projects and ensure the success of enterprise-wide application roll-outs. That’s our job, and it’s not easy. But we want our customers to receive our products and services before “on time” becomes “behind schedule.” We want to be consistent about it too. That’s why urgency matters.

We deliver applications on time and never at the cost of quality.
We work to succeed.
We build things.